As a former football player, I have, for as long as I remember been raised in a macho culture. This said, I do believe that all men contain femininity, just like all women contain masculinity. The presence of those traits make it possible for us to empathize and understand the patterns of acting and thinking of the opposite sex.  Shooting with Marie, I felt extremely awkward maneuvering in my own body, exploring my feminine self. But there were also moments where the whole situation hit some kind of flow-state. That the state of flow was even possible has helped me accept the existence of my feminine self. Even more important, the hours with Marie have helped me towards broader realizations; how difficult I found it, and how much controI I had to refrain to let go of my masculinity for just a few minutes.  This has made me realize two things. How much power women achieve by acquiring a masculine look and expression - and even more how much power men dismisses by expressing something feminine. Huge respect for everybody daring to be true to themselves and daring to be just as feminine or masculine as they like.
Coco & Kir
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